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আপনার যদি অন্য ভাষায় আমাদের উপকরণের প্রয়োজন হয় তবে দয়া করে প্রদত্ত ইমেল এবং ফোন নম্বর ব্যবহার করে আমাদের সাথে যোগাযোগ করুন।



Our development proposals will bring a number of benefits to the area including:

Local economic and social value

  • Breathing new life into a series of out-dated buildings and empty sites in the heart of Whitechapel.
  • Could support between 3,470 – 5,660 full time jobs and further training opportunities for local people, that range across the life science sector and beyond
  • A further 180 jobs will be created during construction.
  • Additional workers could spend between £7-12 million per year in the local area, helping the local economy.
  • Occupiers on site will contribute £9m a year in business rates, which will help fund services in the local area.

Improving public spaces and urban routes

  • Investment and improvement in the surrounding streets and public spaces and providing green spaces to rest and dwell.
  • Reducing and deterring crime and antisocial behaviour with active ground floor providing natural surveillance and improvements to street lighting.
  • Highly accessible location, promoting sustainable transport use.
  • Improving the setting of the Conservation area and the surrounding listed buildings.

Excellence in life sciences

  • A world-leading life sciences cluster
  • Attracting, inspiring and retaining the most talented clinicians, researchers and educators.
  • Speeding up the development of new research and treatment
  • Improving the quality of medical research and clinical trials through access to a unique microcosm of the global population.