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Your feedback so far

Since May, we have been engaging with the local community through two phases of public consultation, asking for thoughts and suggestions on our plans for the area and what people would like to see in the proposed new public spaces. The feedback we have received through meetings, public webinars, our online digital surveys, comments cards and emails has been invaluable in helping to shape our proposals.

Over 300 people completed our online survey, mostly local residents

Over 2,500 people visited our consultation website

Over 16,000 newsletters sent out to local residents and businesses

Five webinars held for the public to meet us and ask questions 

76,000 people reached through our social media adverts

We asked people what was most important to them, what they would like to see improved in the local area and what they would like in a new public space next to St Augustine with St Philip’s Church. In response to what we heard from our online survey and the polls run during the public webinars, we have responded and updated our plans:

You said

We did

More public green and open spaces.

  • A new, open green space is proposed next to the church.
  • This will be a new public square with a lawn, trees, seating and pavilion area.

More places to sit, relax and socialise.

  • Improved pavements will include seating and places for people to relax.
  • New uses in the ground floors of the proposed buildings could include cafes and community facilities for people to enjoy.
  • Widened pavements will offer more space and safety for pedestrians.

Improved safety and security.

  • Improved pedestrian areas and routes will include better lighting.
  • There will be activity in the proposed new buildings at ground floor, which will encourage natural surveillance and will deter anti-social behaviour in the local area.
  • We will work with other developments in the area to improve CCTV coverage where possible.

Respect the heritage of the existing buildings.

  • While the development site does not contain any listed building, we recognise the personal and emotional connection many people in the community may have to the area and the former uses of some its buildings.
  • Our plans are to retain the historic façade of the old Royal London Hospital Outpatients Department, along Stepney Way and Turner Street, which dates to 1903.